Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 11-Redefinding Words: Patriotism Part 1

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Today I am addressing the word "patriotism" and how I have attached a negative emotional meaning to this word based on an experiences I have had.

I used to date a guy that was an White American (born and raised) with some European descend of many nations. He had this personality design of being all about Patriotism and how great America was as a country. He used to play it tough and talk shit about other races and nationalities (yet he dated me as a Bulgarian) and tell me that "If they didn't like it here they should go back where they came from". He also liked using the word "nigger" a lot as a form of inferiority towards another person (no matter if they were black or not) like when he was pissed off and about to beat the shit out of the person. He had many anger issues that he liked to present in a form of swearing and puffing up like a bird in defense, but he wouldn't do a lot or carry it out physically majority of the time. There were many things I couldn't stand about him but did not know how to address them at the time and became hateful/confused/contradicted of his views which was one aspect of what ended the relationship.
While dating him I became very spiteful of his view on other nations and other people, as he had no respect or at least presented himself as a person who had no respect, he was all "tough" about it- kinda reminds me of one of those cars that have the sticker "God Bless America" shit, or hang the American flag on their front door implying "Look at me I am an American and I am proud of it".
A couple of days ago I came across the above image on Facebook. I reposed it immediately. This morning something about the image brought my attention to my thoughts which got allocated to the actual word "Patriotism". I thought about it from a point of separation which created a angry reaction within me towards people who are patriotic. My chain of thoughts were the following:
People who are patriotic live in such deception and separation from others because they view their country as better than other countries. Instead of helping out countries who need help, instead of equalizing all countries and resources for everyone-those patriotic people spit on other nations, hold on to their "God Bless America" and flag crap and don't give a shit that other countries are suffering in order America to be in a good position.
I noticed I began to get angry within myself towards those people. Then I stopped the thought chain, I breathed, stabilized myself and pin pointed when such a reaction had originated within me= I created it while dating that guy as a defensive reaction to his personality design of "patriotism". I was also able to get a further  time when I could have attached the negative meaning towards this word= when we had guests over the house (Bulgarians) for dinner because of an event, they would eat, get drunk and talk shit about America and how unfair this country is BUT they chose to come here anyways to live because despite of how bad/unfair this country is-it is still better than Bulgaria.
So lets look at the reality of patriotism without any attachments-just the bare truth.
For such a word to have originated in history it presents the reflection of separation between people/nations/races within a political realm. If we look at the History of America and the Revolutionary War a patriotic person was someone that stood and fought for their country at all cost of that which they perceived to be freedom from another country. Freedom meant they can now be their own law/politics/ government independent from in this case England. There is many nasty things that went on on both sides of the war. Patriotism was a form of self defense, motivation for the people to not give up. However the fucked up thing is that once they were able to get their "freedom" they turned hypocrites and enslaved their new land pushing away/killing natives and participating in slave trades- in terms not honoring the freedom of those people and counting them as equals. There is nothing more hypocritical than saying "God Bless _____a country". Because America was fully established based on protestant religion (which is redefined Catholicisms-the main reason they wanted to separate from England so that they can establish and practice their religion freely)-the logo "God Bless America" is very specific to America. And why is it that God should only bless America and fuck other counties represent the very deception of religion (which is a completely other topic of itself) and separation of nations/people/races. Thus the transformation of being Patriotic has become a direct reflection of God/religion and being a "good" Christian and a "good" politician-someone who supports their country even if it means fuck the rest of the world. (God and Politics live in the same house..the house of MONEY).
There is no need to get angry at people once I understand that they really don't know any better. There is no need to be angry at people for the way they have been brought up within this "patriotic" society.
The only truth is that we as humanity are collectively responsible for such atrocities, for a dysfunctional world that is based on survival and religious deception. If I said "I am not like that"- it means I am separating myself from the rest. The only difference is that I can understand why and where it came from which is why I am responsible for stopping myself to float in the river of deception and move on to a place where I can be part of a solution. Every one can make that decision for themselves- once this is realized there is no going back. Blaming/pointing fingers at others has never been a solution. As part of the solution I am responsible to stop blaming others,to delete anger within me towards those people and to expose/bring their attention to why they have accepted and allowed such a path (directly and indirectly). Hate is not something we are born with- it is taught. If I react to such people= I am only participating within the opposite side of the same issue-which in terms feeds the polarity.

There is really no need for the word "patriotism" to exists (as the basis for such a word is the very separation between people) IF we implement the Equal Money System.

My self forgiveness statements on my reaction to the word "patriotism" is to come in my next writing.

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