Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 16-Deleting CharACTers: The Eye Of The Beholder Construct

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Here I am deconstructing the construct called "Eye Of The Beholder". It is a construct EVERYONE participates in probably since the beginning of humanity as it originates from the mind as the very separation of ourselves from the physical existence into the existence of the mind/point of view/opinion.

What does the saying "eye of the beholder" mean/imply/stand for? It is an idiom that is used to make a judgement in describing something/someone- the EYE being the starting point of view/construct/belief/"preference" built within an image/picture/design in their mind-the BEHOLDER being the person who has the EYE.
So it is someone's perception of another being/thing that they had defined within their mind to fit a certain description in correspondence to a certain emotion/feeling that the person has attached to an image/representation -so when the image is presented in front of the EYE- the person then places/makes a judgement regarding something/someone else using words such as: ugly, cute, disgusting, sexy, adorable, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, bad, good...= having nothing to do with the actual physical reality.
The EYE of the BEHOLDER is shaped through "life" experiences/environment where the BEHOLDER  defines information through the mind consciousness system- thus creating an idea/perception/point of view within themselves-then this idea it is accepted within and given "life" which then shapes the person's point of view/opinion.

Equation: word+built mind definition+emotional/feeling attachment=the reaction one has towards something/someone in a the starting point of a judgement that originated within the person's mind through images/pictures/environment in separation from the physical existence.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exists as the character "eye of the beholder" where I place my point of view/opinion over another based on images/pictures/beliefs/"preferences" that I have acquired through experiences in my "life" and have allowed/given "life" to.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have a "preference" towards something/someone with the starting point based on picture/image/idea representation/experience/self interest instead of moving myself based on that which supports my physical body as well as that which is best for all (to support the whole).

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place judgement onto other beings/things with the internal reaction of something that I perceive to be good/bad/sexy/pretty/cute/beautiful/tasty/adorable instead of simply enjoying the physical existence of that someone/something, realizing that this someone/something is equal to me as life and by placing judgment onto another is only a reflection of me judging/reacting to myself and what I have allowed myself to exists as.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to create myself as a feeling/emotion that I attach to something/someone within the physical and I use this feeling/emotion to define someone/something as an opinion/point of view-thus creating/giving value to things/people I perceive as sexy/cute/beautiful and ignoring things/people I perceive as ugly/disguising/bad.

I forgive myself for NOT accepting and allowing myself to use common sense in directing myself with clarity-giving value to all things/beings equally with the starting point of life- and then placing priority to that which matters at the current moment from a physical perspective as I move myself within the physical existence-thus I am able to consider ALL within the whole-and interact/support with that/whom is here without any judgement. This giving me the opportunity to open up myself to things/people I would have previously shut down and not considered because of the construct/idea I created them to be within my mind.

I commit myself to seeing/realizing the difference between a judgment towards another being/thing and the simplicity of looking at the facts with the realization that this other person/thing exists as personality design just as I exists as a personality design. Thus I STOP, I BREATHE and conceptualize that the other being/thing exists as a personality design that we as humanity collectively create in our minds (standing in different points of views calling names out to others-NOT seeing the whole picture-rather a fragment/a piece)-thus I don't need to participate in mine or another's personality designs RATHER show the other being where their judgement is coming from just as I have realized where my judgments are coming from. By conceptualizing the whole picture I am able to exists without a reaction towards another for being a personality design-rather assist them in their realization that they allow and accept themselves to exists as a personality design. And if we remove the personality design we can emerge as different expressions that come from the same "point of view" where we can collectively see the WHOLE picture of ourselves, not just a piece/fragment. And within this realization we can see that we are life as a whole with different expressions of life-thus we stand equal and one as the whole picture-undivided.

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