Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 21-Writing as a "Chore" Part 2

Here I am walking the self forgiveness and self corrective statements reflecting yesterday's blog Day 20-Writing is a "Chore".

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define writing as a "chore"-something unpleasant that I need to do, hide from, avoid, rather than realizing that I write for myself and I can make writing enjoyable and something look forward to.

I forgive myself for identifying the word "chore" as something to be unpleasant, when every chore can essentially be done with enjoyment, I realize that the reason why I experience myself unpleasantly while performing a "chore" is because I attach certain feelings/emotions to certain chores.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to attach the "I don't feel like it!" feeling when it comes to writing because I actually have to make my brain work by investigating the points that arise within me, by actually making the self forgiveness and self corrective statements, by engaging in digging deeper into my emotions/feelings in order to face a point, by simply paying attention and being aware, by having to physically write out every word I would like to say with self honesty.

When the feeling of "I don't feel like it!" arises within me I realize that it is simply an excuse I make not to write, I stop, I breathe and engage in writing.

When the feeling of "I am not enjoying writing!" arises within me, I stop, I breathe, I investigate what about that moment came up within me as "I am not enjoying this", investigate the moment and everything I experienced within that moment in relation to writing to make me feel like I am not enjoying it, and see how I can make this an enjoyable moment of my day.

When the definition of a "chore" arises within me and directs me in what NOT to participate, I stop, breathe and realize that a "chore" can be enjoyable, I investigate what about a certain chore makes me not want to do it or enjoy it.

I realize that a "chore" is not something separate from me, but simply a self expression by engaging in performing the chore. I realize that chores are part of everyday life because and keep us effective and practical in living in the physical.

I commit myself to apply the same attitude towards all chores.

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