Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 28- The World Revolves Around Me....

Today I am looking a point in which humanity falls trapped into which is a major cause for the state we chose to (directly or indirectly- on individual level and on societal level) exists in. Scientists will call this "survival of the fetis" and because it is so apparent within the animal and human kingdom many just submit to it rather explore why it is so because especially from a human perspective we are capable to chose differently.

When a baby is born they must learn how to be social and that the world does not revolve around them. A baby/infant/young child will think that the toys they want should be given to them and cannot yet comprehend that we simply share the toys because every one has access to them- the point is who is using them at the moment. A common word you will hear a young one say is "MINE...MINE" and they will even go and snatch the toy off another child simply because they wanted it right now. They do not understand the concept of sharing and that taking the toy away hurts the other child, not asking if they can have it, not knowing that they need to wait and be considerate of the other child. Just as they will not understand why another child will go and take the toy off their hands and push them on the floor. They are not yet capable of connecting the equation together (I don't like this done to me-thus I will not do it to another).

Now the child grows up and the "toys" change into something else. The principle is the same, but just because we are unable to consider another we end up doing and behaving with that which makes us feel better. And when we are on the side that gets hurt we seek revenge.

Now take that into a global scale (race, countries...)- and we have global hate and war.
So do we really "grow up"- learning that we need to consider another as we would consider ourselves? We may learn to consider family/friends/group of people we belong to, however at the end of the day- we are plain selfish because we seek for events to turn in our favor because that is what makes us feel good/safe/in better position than the other guy.

We don't stop and think what would benefit another and myself, to investigate the ways that will benefit all because we are too preoccupied worrying about our emotions/feelings and "what I want!", disregarding others and life itself in that process.

Now why do you think that is? Is it because we never learned? Is it because we belief that there must be someone on top and someone on the bottom? Is is because we live in a system that creates us into such beings?......And what is the root cause of this?

What if we could physically feel each other's pain of what we create? Our physical bodies would not be albe to handle this pain because it is MASSIVE on a global scale. What makes it so hard to consider each other is that we are worried about our "survival of the fetus" so we go great lengths to insure that I/family/friends/group of people is taken care of even at the expense of others.
Is that what you call "life"? Survival of the fetis? That is a lame excuse.

We are beings capable of learning from our mistakes. We are beings capable of creating actual life that can be enjoyed.

Because there is a physical DISCONNECTION between our physical bodies we have the obstacle of not being able to feel what another feels. If you were to kill an animal and actually felt the pain it went through-I bet you you will not be killing it ever again. However we do have the ability to place ourselves in the shoes of another in practical perspective. The only thing that prevents us from doing that are the emotions/feelings that cloud us to do so.  It takes common sense understanding/comprehension that in order to place ourselves in the shoes of another we first must  remove the blockage. Then we can see that what we are doing to another to secure ourselves is totally unacceptable.

The world does not revolve around a sigle person- it revolves around everyone equally. The sun rises and sets for everyone, the land is available to everyone....this notion of ownership is total selfishness. Understand that YOU don't own anything. YOU don't own the "toys"/resources. They are there to be shared by everyone. They are there to be used. And the understanding of how to take care of them properly.

Our survival depends on each other. We are social beings- we interact, live and share together. We are ONE from that perspective. We move as one big group of LIFE just different expressions (animal, plant, insect, human, Earth). It is absolute ignorance to think that you are more than another as life, to think that you own something, to think that you should not share, to think that you can survive on your own.

So we at Desteni have come to the conclusion that to create a solution we must change that which drives insanity of a human being (which becomes the survival of their fetus)- MONEY!
Thus the Equal Money movement. Because we are capable of realization and change.

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