Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 34- Reaction to Church/Religion- Christening

Recently we Christened Victor. This was a request from my mom and mother in law so I decided if they want to they can, but I wanted as less part in it as possible. I was under the impression that the spoken words from the ceremony will have some programming "effect" on Victor and I did not want him to be involved in that realm. However after speaking to Sunette in a chat long time ago (I was still pregnant), she said that no one else can program you but yourself because everything comes back to self and is reflected through the mind by what you accept and allow. The actual words spoken in the ceremony or the ceremony itself has no effect on the physical what so ever (at least not anymore). So I said, sure go ahead.

On the day of the Christening we got ready and went to the church. I had already accepted and allowed this cocky attitude within me regarding the whole ceremony so my behavior was not very nice. I was sarcastic in my approach when I spoke to others who came for Victor- which was obviously not cool as it was a reaction.

Somewhere in the middle of the ceremony I slowed down myself to look at the reaction and look at things from a different perspective. As I looked at the huge Jesus statue hanging above the words that came to my head were: "this shit used to be real at some point and time- that humans experienced it the way it is spoken- it was a real thing (putting aside what was behind the veil of it's creation which is explained in detail through the Portal Interviews). And people don't know any different from what was presented and passed down, and here I sit in judgment of those who don't know."

I had a chat with Sunette yesterday about those reactions and here is the segment of the chat regarding this superior/inferior presentation of myself regarding church and religion:

Me: So last week was Victor's Christening….

Me: And I totally reacted at being at the church….i tried to stopping myself (i had this cocky attitude) it was almost self embarrassing

Me: people came there for victor and I had that I don't care attitude

S: Yes, going into such a reaction I have found came from an Ego-point of me feeling like I am superior/more than "them/church/religion" - so, this is a dimension that you can have a look at with regards to any judgment you hold to them/church and see them as inferior to you in any way

Me: especially when the priest began the ceremony (this was more of inner stuff rather than showing it to everyone) because I listened to the words that he was singing/saying/chanting

Me: and then the godparents were made to enter an agreement with "God"

Me: sort of like "do you repent Satan" this tree times and then "do you accept God" and then "do you believe in god"…and they were made to say "yes, yes yes" to all 3 requests

Me: I could not help myself inside of all the backchat that came up when those words were spoken

Me: and then I slowed down and looked at the Jesus statue they have in there hanging like on the cross

Me: it's huge

Me: and what came up was something in the lines of - this shit used to be real at some point and time- that humans experienced it the way it is spoken- it was a real thing (putting aside what was behind the veil of it's creation)-

Me: and people don't know any different from what was presented and passed down

Me: and here I sit in judgment of those who don't know

S: Yes, it's interesting - though also to consider that with the reactions, religion then still have power over you - just now from the negative-angle, because it can get you to react/change you, so in that regard you are then the same relationship as those that believe, religion can 'change you' in your own mind, so thus - it holds power over you in that regard

S: In this, I would thus suggest investigating what you can open up in terms of what is causing the reactions, to not have religion have power over you - not in the positive or negative polarity

Me: i see

Me: i think it is the same reaction that comes up when I am "attacked" from others regarding Desteni- the reaction of I don't know how to direct the point that is thrown at me- I need to prove it, validate it. So with religion I know it's bullshit- and I create a judgement towards someone who has embraced religion/spirituality as less than me- just like I would judge the person who rejects Desteni as less than me so it must be def an EGO point and I've thrown myself in the polarity game reacting because I don't know how to direct the point.

Me: this is a reaction i still can't transcend for some reason- it keeps circling obviosuly

S: What I learned is that:

Me: this kind of brings me to what Bernard wrote when placing us in different categories of process- like I am not in one category only

S: I react because of an opinion/idea in relation to that something/someone so what I did is change my relationship from reaction/opinion to UNDERSTANDING

S: meaning, UNDERSTAND why people relate to religions/believe in them, understand why people resist Desteni

S: through UNDERSTANDING one cannot react, because you see the WHY and within this can also prepare you to help ppl if they ever have real questions

Me: def not at that

So in my next blog I will be opening the point of stance towards church/religion from a negative polarity perspective and releasing the power in holds over me through the mind and changing the reaction/opinion to UNDERSTANDING.

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