Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying Points

Continuing from my previous blog where I opened the point where I have allowed religion/church to have power over me from a negative perspective.

Up until my discovery of Desteni, I had rejected religion because I always viewed it as something that did not make sense and it was unreal. I had entered the "I'm not religious, but spiritual" identification of myself. So when I came across Desteni I found out that nor religion or spirituality was "real" from the perspective of people were not aware of what was beyond religion/spirituality, where it came from, originated and what was its purpose of secret deception. I realized that spirituality and religion are both in the same boat of keeping people preoccupied and believing that some higher force will change the world or give one peace of life completely ignoring the physical existence and not having to accept self responsibility for actions and consequences as well as direct themselves. 

Anyhow, the main point is that instead of seeing religion from an UNDERSTANDING perspective I began to identify it negatively and anyone who was religious/spiritual I would judge and in those terms place those human beings as less than me. From the same perspective anyone who would reject Desteni I will place as less than me. That is obviously EGO speaking. So let's turn this EGO into self honesty!

First in order to build an understanding to why people have accepted religion/spirituality or any kind of other form of believing in a higher power/universe i need to realize that we were programmed to search for a power outside of ourselves and we were programmed to reject that which questioned the power we have found within religion/spirituality. It is the power of protection because we were programmed to be afraid to walk alone and direct our lives. I was one of those people that searched for a higher power, read books about energy, light and love and it was all in self interest- how to better myself and ignoring the fact that energy needs to be taken from somewhere and it needs to be generated usually at the expense of another. Up until the day I discovered Desteni I believed that I can have some sort of power over others, that I was special, the "hero" of the story, that I can use that POSITIVE energy to my benefit not realizing that for POSITIVE energy to exists- NEGATIVE must be created because that is how energy was programmed to work (yes it was deliberate- see interviews for Kryon and Anu).

Second I need to realize that those human beings have not had any contact with Desteni to have been shown otherwise, thus they will continue to accept that which makes them feel better and makes them feel comfortable. It's like seeking an adult for comfort when a child hurts themselves. It's building a trusting relationship to that which creates a safe zone. I know because that was me too. My trusting relationship was to positive energy- instead of building a trusting relationship to myself by being self honest and learning how to direct myself in the physical, learning how to care for all of existence equally, and transcending the points of EGOISM-just as I am doing right now-which is something that is taught at Desteni as discovering and building the foundation of self as an individual who can stand in stability and create that which is best for all.  

Third, I need to realize that what is spoken in religion and spirituality until the PORTAL opened in 2004 it was actually true/real from the perspective that this is what was shown to humans and passed down as the program design to life itself-which is explained in those interviews in great detail:  
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Journeys Into the Afterlife
The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events
Demons in the Afterlife
So to think/expect that someone out there will have this inside of events that had occurred, unless they have come across Desteni, is quite impossible. And that everyone out there have formed some kind of explanation whether it be religious or spiritual or whatever is very much possible. It occurs with having bits of information that one puts together to make sense in their mind. What is not known is that those bits of information were deliberately placed there so that people can make sense of "life" when actually being deceived by the very information that was passed down. The information is only true to the value that is given life to-meaning to that which one accepts and allows to be real from a mind perspective. What is missed though is the bigger picture to where the information originated from- and that is where Desteni comes into play. It's going beyond what is known to the human mind.

Self Forgiveness to come!

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