Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 38- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Corrective Application

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This blog is continuation of me walking the point of negative reactions towards religion/spirituality which indicates that I have allowed religion/spirituality to still have power over me just on the negative side of the polarity. So today I am walking the self corrective application point to clear the polarity.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe I realize that they are at this point in their life because that is the explanation they have found for life and they have not been shown otherwise.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe and realize that there is nothing I can do from the perspective of explanation because that would simply go against their word so "arguing" or trying to prove a point is not the way to go, instead I can offer my inside of how I am walking my process (which is the living word)- that is if there is a point of interest to be opened up.

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person I stop, I breathe I remain stable within me by seeing, UNDERSTANDING that this person has embraced religion/spirituality in their life because every person is programmed to look for some explanation outside of themselves thus they will have to walk their own process of realization that religion/spirituality is NOT the answer, is the deception from the perspective of the bigger picture of what has been created to keep people believing that some power outside of themselves will save them, change them, change the harsh reality that WE create.

When I think of religion/spirituality and I start getting a reaction within me, I stop, I breathe and realize that the only way I can be of assistance to myself and others is to simply show my own self example/ way of living the principles/tools given to me at Desteni (realizing/identifying the points of EGO/mind, walking the self forgiveness and self corrective application until remaining stable inside and able to self direct my life as one and equal to LIFE in the physical).

When I encounter a religious/spiritual person, I stop, I breathe and realize that all I can do is simply bring their awareness to the truth- the rest is up to them as this is an individual process everyone is walking with the awareness or without- it's just that with the awareness one has better control and understanding rather than blindly walking wondering WTF (by experiencing the consequences that are self created or by people in power) is going on and searching for results in all the wrong places until the right place is found.

I commit myself to walking my process and deleting the polarities that I discover existing within me, created by my mind until I am stable within me to be one and equal to life.

Investigate Desteni, Investigate Equal Money System, EqualMoney Wiki, Listen to the the interviews on Eqafe to get a perspective from the "other side" dimensions and explanation on how we fucked up and how we can correct ourselves. 
For those that are ready to change their lives for themselves and for humanity as a whole join us in the biggest movement in the history of humanity- starting with yourself.

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