Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery

My name is Antoaneta and I am 30 years old. I have my MA in Early Childhood Education and my BA in Sociology. Throughout most of my life I have been involved in the spiritual realm with reading information about Tarot Cards, Dimensions, Energy, Reiki, Chakras, Energy Healing, Wicca, Law of Attraction because I was always intrigued by what is on the other side and the history of mankind and I never accepted religion to be the answer. I was quite all over the place searching for answers of existence indirectly. Thus I believed that life was energy- that is until I came across Desteni.

In the Fall of 2008 my brother and I were interested in Astral Projection so he was researching some youtube videos and he came across a video of the Portal explaining that astral projection was not real and only existed in how our minds perceived it to be and no one ever actually left their body physically- you were just wondering around the realms of your own mind. The information coming from the portal was very interesting to me so I continued with other interviews (at the time they had been doing interviews on History of Humanity- which was retold by a being that came through the portal named Jack). Jack had volunteered, I suppose, to take on the point of human exposure. The way he explained to us that he came through the portal was by Sunette leaving her body (not in astral projection but in one instance of breath in and out) - she allowed another being from the dimensions to come through and speak while she stayed in the dimensions.  This was not channeling as she does not require energy to bring other beings through her and there can be more than one being in her body at a time. So this was def different than channeling.
He also explained that the portal opened up in 2004 so basically anything after the year 2004 had taken a change of events for existence as a whole.

I thought this was fascinating! It did not confuse me as I already had a small background with energy in general I just never knew how it operated so the concept of a Portal and beings coming through was not a shock to me or anything of "questioning"to its possibility to be real.

I began listening to those interviews and for the least it was mind opening to hear the way of events I have never heard before. I remember having a notebook and writing down the events trying to put the puzzles together. I also experienced a point of attraction towards the Jack which was interesting- because my mind had identified this being (Jack) as the actual person in the flesh of the girl Sunette. At the time I did not know her name, nor that she was a girl because I had been listening to the interviews from Jack who came through her body and she also had her head shaved so I actually thought Sunette was a boy, a young boy (In reality she was 21 at that time and def a

At first I was kind of fearful, I only listened to the interviews and gathered all the information- then I took the decision to sign up for the Desteni Forum in March 2009- where other people who had discovered the interviews had joined and now talked, asked questions and got to know each other. The forum had only been opened in 2007 as the interviews took place on YouTube and Desteni was integrating itself on the internet reaching out to people who were able to hear the message of Oness and Equality. I remember I came into the forum and had a million and one questions that were answered from the group members that lived with the portal on the Desteni Farm. I also listened to interviews explaining the history of how Sunette/portal came to be, how they met with Bernard Poolman and Andrea and how the group had taken its start and its starting point for being placed into existence.

Not only did they explain how it all originated but they had the answers to all the questions one can ever ask about existence like what is energy, thoughts, feelings, emotions, frequency, substance...essentially Life itself from the very source. Bernard, Sunette had taken the point to investigate life itself physically and dimensionally with the assistance of the portal which allowed other beings and essentially everything in existence to come through and speak what had been going on all this time from the beginning of human civilization to before even Earth materialized itself to be physical, to how religion/spirituality came to be, masters, angels, demons, "aliens", to who created the human beings, animals, the MIND itself and so on...I mean touching upon all grounds, all dimensions, all layers of this existence. Then moving into the systems of existence starting with the MIND and all it's relationships to the physical body- how it affects the physical body, to how we humans have created systems like the money system and so on.  All existing in a point of inequality-which was the one clear thing as a final result- INEQUALITY was proven to be the source of problem.

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