Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 40- Desteni I Witness- What is Desteni?

Continuing from the previous blog Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery 

One thing you will hear people say at Desteni is that we stand for the principle of Oness and Equality- What is Best for All.

It took me some time and investigating the material to, if you want to say, "Grow" an understanding and awareness as to what Oness and Equality-What is Best for All actually means. It's not something that can be simply put into one sentence- it is the very understanding/realization of how all the "puzzles" fit together to seeing the current reality of how we have created ourselves to exists in separation not realizing that in fact we are all one and must exists in equality otherwise consequences such as today's abusive world are the result.
This is the same reason why it is so hard for some to understand Desteni and its purpose to humanity as part of the whole existence.  It's not something that can be explain- it has to be understood from within.

Desteni is many things one of them being a name that represents the whole group and the principle the group stands for- Oness and Equality-What is Best for All.

Desteni is an activist group for whole of existence (Humans, Animals, Plants, Earth, Dimensions, Universe from the smallest particle to the largest and everything in between).

Desteni is politics as it stands for Equal Money and Equal Life Foundation as the future.

Desteni is science as the people who will create/invent what is necessary to create the physical reality to a functional one to align to that which is best for all.

Desteni is education as the self education and self investigation into the MIND/EGO so that we can transform from our evil nature to beings that care for what is best for all (DIP Lite, DIP Pro)

Desteni is esoteric as the studies that show us that which the physical eye and the mind I can't see ( along with YouTube).

Desteni is history as it gives the history of existence and how/where we fucked up and thus how we can correct ourselves ( along with YouTube).

Desteni is a teacher as it teaches how to be a responsible, caring, practical human being that supports the physical reality.

Desteni is a counselor as it gives you the self tools to work yourself out and become stable within your reality and thus within the whole reality (realization, self forgiveness, self corrective application). This is why we began the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs such as the one I am writing in here!

Desteni is a foundation for the future of Equality.

Desteni is everything and then again nothing more than a name because when the name is removed the foundation of all of the above remains.

Desteni also had to eventually establish itself as a business because let's face it- this current reality require financial stability. Running all the websites and collecting for the Equal Life Foundation (which represents Equal Money) as well as having the Desteni Farm land to support all the animals and people living there requires money. Income comes from the DIP Pro and Eqafe store which has the interviews available. I must note that at one point all the interviews were free at the Desteni YouTube channel however due to haters who could not understand the purpose of Desteni the channel was taken down by YouTube themselves giving no valid reason and Desteni had to buy it's own domain. It may seem pricy however those interviews are "golden".
I must also note that no person participating at Desteni is required by any means to GIVE money to be part of Desteni. All that is purchased and donated is because people want to financially support the group which in terms supports the future of ourselves. And the support of the group=PRICELESS!
So no Desteni is NOT money greedy, trying to get rich hungry= of course that would defeat the whole purpose of Desteni itself.

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