Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 44- I as a Teacher- Self Commitment

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Since my last blog I actually started another job in a PreK room and have been having great staff support. I have also gotten the chance to be me from the perspective of setting up the classroom environment and stepping up as a lead teacher. The job is still not in a school (which is my goal), so there are some restrictions as it is a daycare center and the director has certain expectations of how she wants the room to look like but at least I have been able to be part of having a say in it.

So here I am going to walk some self commitment points referring to the previous blogs and will be writing more about my upcoming as a teacher as I move myself to becoming an experienced teacher within all aspects that involve being a teacher.

I commit myself to speak up when I see that I am being bullied from another person and I commit to not allow that other person to define me as a teacher or anything else for that matter.

I commit myself to stop and breathe when I see myself getting upset over thinking of the time I allowed myself to be bullied by that teacher- and instead bring myself to back to self and to my writing I have done regarding this point of anger and fear.

I commit myself to accepting guidance and assistance from other teachers however with the starting point of being given an advice which I will take into consideration rather than allowing the guidance and assistance to shape me as a teacher. It is time I shape myself.

I commit myself to attending workshops and trainings designed to assist teachers with professional development and ideas so that I grow as a teacher and be able to try different ways and approaches to being a teacher.

I commit myself to move myself with patience as I am a new teacher and to be open to new ideas as long as I don't let those ideas to define me as a teacher, but rather use the ideas to experiment and see what works best for the students, me and other staff.

I commit myself to breathe and move breath by breath- as being a teacher in the current money/educational system is not an easy job, in fact it can be very stressful if one does not have the needed support and assistance- so taking it one breath at the time.

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