Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 53- Speak with Sound

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Day 42- I As A Teacher- Self Reflection
Day 43- I As A Teacher- Walking the Points
Day 44- I As A Teacher- Self Commitment
Day 45- Am I a Mean Teacher?

I have been talking to Sunette Spices in chats about my emotional reactions with students when they don't listen to me and the one thing she said to me is to practice using SOUND and body presence rather than ENERGY.
That means that when I speak, I use my voice tonality to address the students but without the emotion/feeling/energy attached to it. This of course does not refer when talking just to my students but it refers to when speaking to all other humans/animals and so forth.

So for about a month or so, I have been practicing on using sound and if I catch myself being upset or angry at a child for not following directions I take a breath and bring myself back and use Sound again.
At first it looked something like in between, switching back and forth between energy and sound. Now I can tell I am using more Sound, but I do catch myself falling into an energetic moments. I experience it by running out of breath when I am speaking my words, getting a slight headache, a rush of hotness through my body. When using sound, my body is calm, I am in control of my body behavior and can breathe in normal pace. Then I can decide if I want to elevate my voice or lower it depending on what I am getting across to the child.
I have to say the difference I am seeing in response from children has been better communication and the reaction I receive from them has been interesting, particularly with one child.
This child is going to great lengths testing my patience so to speak. He used to get a reaction out of me, before I began using my words with sound. And since I have stopped he has been clinging to me every moment he can, trying to get a reaction out of me- like he wants to feed on my energy but I am not allowing it.
It is quite interesting because I need to remain stable within myself and not allow him to get an energetic reaction out of me.

Next blog I will do some Self Forgiveness on previous reactions I have allowed to manifest towards my students in regarding using energy in my words.

I suggest listening to the Parenting Interviews (first 5 are free) to get an understanding/seeing/realization on how energy and sound form in new borns, how in the first year of our lives we shift towards energy and not sound because of our mind/body relationship- in in terms how do we get back to sound and diffuse the energy within us as the mind. Awesome Interviews!

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  1. Cool I also work with students and will apply what you wrote about.