Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 59- Keeping My Mind Busy- Self Commitments

Continuing from the previous blog:
Day 58- Keeping My Mind Busy- Self Forgiveness

When I catch myself participating to keep my mind busy with various online activity that I deliberately do to avoid/escape my reality and be aware what is here, what needs to be done, or simply that fact that I am not directing myself in that particular moment, I stop, I breathe, I close my eyes and bring myself back here. I commit to investigate my action as to why I am avoiding/escaping my reality and allowing myself to be directed by my mind which wants to be kept busy and entertained.

I commit myself to slowing myself down, when doing an activity so that I am able to actually be here with the particular activity, rather than rushing through like the mind would rush through the thoughts always wanting the end result of something rather than remaining here through the "journey" to getting to that something.

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