Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 60- Stabilizing My World

In a recent chat with Sunette Spies multiple points were opened up for discussion. So I will focus now on the first point that opened up in our chat.

This point has to do with "stabilizing my world" as Sunette placed it in those words :
"Look, Antoaneta - what I do is: whenever something change in my world that affects me and so through me others - I immediately take responsibility and stabilize my world, for me and for others because I know, if I react / blame - not going to change anything and I cannot personally do anything with the changes / structures that has been made, so what I can do and the power I do have - is to stabilize my world.....Yes, I do the mapping often when things change, it really works. So, give it a go and let me know."

I have noticed this within myself and other people, that we often tend to complain when something (outside of our control) is messing with our regular routine/schedule and blame is immediately placed on the person/thing that is making/causing the changes. Now when I/we place the blame to someone/something else I/we give that someone/something else the power over me/us to define how I will behave/react towards the given situation. The result is wasting my time and physical energy in the point of a mind reaction. Nasty things may be said without consideration of my/our words towards others and investigating or opening myself/ourselves towards the change or the reason why this change was presented is ignored/disregarded.
So what does it mean to stabilize my world? It means to take what is here (the change, look at it, see it, make the best out of it) and get control of self in how self will direct/move/decide within the given situation.
Recently my schedule at work was changed again because we need to meet certain guidelines for the state regarding the program the day care is running. And this was the only option left and at first I did not like the idea of my already established daily routine being messed with, but after the chat I realized that I just need to stabilize my world and move one and equal to this change and see what I do have control over within the decision of how I will move/direct myself within the change. I realized that to stabilize my world simply means to adjust myself/remain stable-without reactions according to the change that is presented as well as assessing what I do have control of because the part I do have control of is myself and I must align myself to the new change and see how I can create what is best for all given the new circumstances.

So I commit myself to chose to stop my whining/blaming regarding changes that are out of my control in my life and focus on that which I do have control over-myself direction within the change. I commit myself to take what is here within the change and see how I can better/expand/grow myself because I realize that such events that occurs in my life are actually a direct or indirect consequence to my mind energy reaction built over time- so when I am presented with things such as changes in my life, or something I don't like- it is because I am now in a position to overcome, to push through the resistances that limited my self development. Thus changes as such are an opportunity to better/change myself.

I can already see a practical change within me regarding the new schedule. And that is learning how to direct myself better in my classroom (students, environment, behavior).


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing Antoaneta. One question though - what does Sunette mean by "mapping?"

  2. Michelle, the mapping is simply writing down what you can change, how you can do it. It's looking the different perspectives around a point. Sorry for the late response.