Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 65- If I Could Change My Past

Today I listened to a youtube video If we're only memories in our own Minds- do we Live?
It was of great support to show that in my process I simply need to make the decision for self change- to no longer be these memories of my mind but rather create myself effectively here in present time and live in self discipline and self expression breath by breath.

Yesterday I was laying down in bed and some old memories surfaced to my mind and I began to evaluate them and I realized that I've done some stupid things in the name of love (the memories that surfaced were how/who I was in relation to my past relationship with men) and how I would have handled things differently if I had been in the Desteni process back then.
The main point that I looked at is how I would NOT have self sabotaged myself, my expression, life for relationships that were created ineffectively- and I would have taken responsibility to handle things with stability/common sense (that which works in the best interest in the common good) and not based on emotions/feelings (that which is self interest and often does not align in the common good).

Not only that but I would have been able to see why/where/how those relationship originated from a mind relation point and the course of their development based on emotion/feelings. I would have seen/realized and understood why those men were who they were in relation to our relationship and seen why they behaved/acted the way they did and how my emotion/feelings reflected on their behavior/action that created unsupportive relationships. So in that I am not placing the blame on the men, but rather evaluating who I was in relation to the men.

And then today I listened to the video and realized that I may not have seen this in the past, but I sure am able to see it now- walking the Desteni process and I can use the above memories as self reflection assistance-which is cool. In that I am focusing on my current relationship- not only with my husband but also with my family, my family in law and other people and who I am in relation to those relationships.
And I am proud to say that who I am at this very moment and how I am working with myself and others to create myself/effective relationships is my self discipline and self expression breath by breath. And yes it is thanks to Desteni process/principe and group support that I have been able to step out of who I was before to how I have created/transformed myself thus far and continue everyday because the mind is multidimensional with many layers to peel off.

Thus I am grateful for the people who are around me and I am grateful for Desteni- to have support in my world to work on my process and to also assist others in their process as long as they are willing to hear/see/realize of course.

So, if I could change my past=I am actually changing my past by the way I create myself in the present here.

It is actually quiet cool to develop the skill/ability to read/investigate my mind/feelings/emotions/energy charges/reactions, to be able to notice the subtle mind shifts and how that affects my behavior/actions and who I become, to be able to forgive myself for accepting and allowing to become my mind/feelings/emotions/energy charges/reactions and to move myself to self corrective application and self commitment which when applied in physical time/space in fact brings stability, common sense and gives the opportunity for self expression, self movement and self direction- which then gives the opportunity to create oneself effectively in the present here. And all it takes is self will to open one's eyes- and there is no going back. Now that is POWER.

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