Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 67- Fear of Pain

Continuing from my blog yesterday- Day 66- Fear of Drowning

So I was investigating a couple of points yesterday and today I want to focus on the fear point.

After listening to the EQAFE interview Death Research Burning Alive Part 1 which was described as a pretty painful experience I figured out that what I am afraid of is the process of the physical pain. I don't have a fear of dying but rather what I will experience in the process of dying. As mentioned in the interview- one really has no idea what that experience will be, not until it actually occurs in physical reality.

The being/awareness in the interview goes on to explain that we have not felt actual real physical pain in the sense that our minds are like filters and interpret what pain is like because there is a disconnect between our awareness and the physical body. I'm not saying that we don't feel physical pain- but we do feel it like an end result- we never feel the process of this pain in detail- it's always- oh my head hurts for example, but we cannot look at what is physically involved within our body going through the pain of a headache, what is going on internally. That is where the disconnect is and what the mind is filtering and in that as a third party interpret how we experience the pain as an end result.

If it wasn't for the mind filter interpretation we would be able to be aware of our physical body to very smallest molecule and it's movement through our awareness and the blood flowing in each breath and basically the entirety of our physical body and how it moves in every moment of breath. So our awareness and body would be one and equal, however because of the mind we experience ourselves separate from the body, it's like a lock. That is why breathing is a key element sort of, in a way breeching through the mind lock and becoming aware of our physical body and physical environment.

So, being afraid of the physical process of dying. I think there is a reason why it is particular to being suffocated/drowned (but I am not going to investigate this point at this moment).
Could it be that this fear is a mind defense mechanism to NOT allow my awareness to continue expanding and breaking through the mind? As long as I fear experiencing/becoming one with the physical (even if it is in the form of pain) I will not allow myself to actually move in my process towards becoming one and equal to the physical.  Cleaver, cleaver...

This is an interesting point to look at from a different perspective as well- as I hate experiencing/feeling pain with the mind interpretation. I tend to become whiney and victimize myself because I am "not feeling well" and the discomfort is irritating.

Well in common sense I have to say that I must let go of the fear point of becoming the physical and feeling the physical- in pain or in pleasure.

To be continued...

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