Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 69- I Have No Creativity!

"I have no creativity"- this point came up within me today when I was watching some videos of people who make/show points to the public in creative ways- meaning there is a touch of humor, a touch of symbolism, a touch of reality within the illusion that we allow and so on. So what I realized is that when I want to create something I tend to lack creativity which has been a number one point that I have not started any projects on my own so to speak in exploring various ways to present/demonstrate something important within humanity. Then when I look at myself as a teacher the times I get discouraged as a teacher is when I get stuck in how to teach a lesson because my starting point is not that of self expression/creation which would in term present the opportunity for creativity. Creativity is a skill that one can develop through self expression and exploring/seeing/discovering options of presenting something in various ways that will also have an impact on opening up people to see something beyond what they typically see based on their minds. In the same words as a teacher presenting a method/idea to teach a lesson that will reach students and open them up to understanding what they are learning.

So I've been struggling with both as I have the inner expression/will to do it- to be that creativity as self expression but when it actually comes to it, I go blank.
Something I am very good at though is having developed the skill of "copying" others.  So to give a perspective of what I mean- if there is a choreography dance I will be able to replicate it but I will have a hard time creating a choreography dance. Having the skill of copying as self expression is a good skill to express- because as it I am able to hear others and replicate that which is common sense, but not being able to create is really taking a hit on me as it is a skill I need to develop as a future leader of this world. A good leader knows when to follow (listen and understand others as a leaders) and when to "lead"(take charge and create). And I would say that everyone in this world should be able to follow and lead within the contexts of common sense and the principle of oness and equality because if one develops these skills we can as society begin to create a world of equality and life in the physical.

As is with every action one takes the starting point will determine the intent of the action. And an effective follower/leader needs to have starting point of that which is best for all within the contexts of the physical existence. That is of course taking this into a big scale reflecting the world- but lets bring it back to the individual level which is me in this case.

I don't know how to lead/create- meaning I am unsure of myself as a leader/creator because I have not developed that AS a skill of self expression.  So I am exploring creativity into the context of being able to incorporate other's ideas and at the same time when I sit down to create something to make sure that it comes from within me.

My problem is that when I sit down to create something I begin to think in depth by bringing everyone else's ideas so to speak and then not having any of my own. I literally get stuck at that point and can't move on beyond it.

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