Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 76- Arranging My Environment to Better Manage My Time

This is a continuation of the previous two blogs- Day 75- Time Management Self Forgiveness and Day 74-Time Management: Responsibilities and Resistances 

Today I am addressing a point that has to do with my environment and how I manage my time. When looking the point of time management and having resistances to doing certain activities one of the main point that came up within me was "I don't have the right environment" or at least the way I would enjoy it being set up so that I can be comfortable, relaxed and practical within what I am doing.

I looked at the point some time ago and realized that I did not enjoy myself doing certain activities because I no longer had "my space", "my time". Space and Time changed when I had Victor and moved in with my in laws. I no longer had my room to myself, my little office space I had set up for myself or the vast amount of "Me time". As time pasted certain activities I was looking forward to before became non motivational to me and instead of seeing how I can go about making a solution about it I allowed it to fall out of my life and to become part of my mind- which is where as I mentioned in the previous blog I began to think about how I will do those activities but I did not put the physical effort. This is especially true about my writing as it has diminished over the last 2.5 years (since Victor and me moving over to my in-laws). I was much more active within my process before and I have noticed how I have not been pleased with myself through the time of me becoming dormant within my process because of how I perceived my time management. In fact, this part of not being pleased with myself is the direct result of not being active in my process as I would like to practically be which is why I have been experiencing the self irritation and then allowing myself to take in on others in my life.

So here I am walking the solution to manage my time with the assistance of setting up my environment so within working with what I got here.
In oder to have my quiet time with no distractions which usually happen when others within the household are around me, I am setting up a mini area just for me where I can read, write and do work. For the moment this area is my bed for reading and writing- and the downstairs table for work related stuff because that involves more tools. This is temporarily as we are busy setting up a room for my husband and I and Victor where it can be an office space and mini living room.

I realize that I got limited space and time thus I must make the most practical set up based on it without getting upset which has been part of my self unsatisfaction within my process.

So within process one must work on both the inside and outside. Today I commit myself on working on my inside- which is pushing through the resistances and the outside which is working on making a comfortable, practical environment for myself to do the required physical work.

I commit myself to when I see that I am falling into resistance from doing a certain activity to recall to myself that "I am experiencing the resistance because it involves physical work and effort and my mind rather just think about it than do it- and nothing gets done by thinking, I don't progress in my process with thinking. I progress with work and application.

I commit to look into my current environment and see where I can create a relaxed, comfortable and practical stop for me to do the activities.

Within this I am the directive principle in Day 60- Stabilizing My World with things that ARE in my control.

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