Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 78- The Adult Tantrum

Continuing from the previous blog ay 77- "It's Not Fair"

We often refer to young children having a tantrum (crying, screaming, kicking, laying on the floor..). From an adult perspective this happens because the child does not yet know how to communicate what he wants, why he wants it, or understand why they cannot have something at that particular moment. It is also viewed as a way to express one's feeling and emotions because they don't yet understand what those are.

In my last blog I wrote about how I feel/experience unfairness from a personal point of view and how I essentially feel "attacked" when something is being done unfairly to me (from my perception/mind).
And within the feeling of being "attacked" I go on the defense. That may appear to be internalized or in me getting emotional and start to cry.
So this is basically an adult tantrum.  The tantrum is how the adult reacts within the emotions and feelings by not investigating why one would feel this way on the first place, by not communicating but internalizing or communicating in a rude/defensive manner. So do we really grow out of the tantrum stage?

Not until we learn how to handle feelings/emotions, what they really are, how we came to program certain reaction within ourselves, how to investigate and clear them up so that we no longer go into the adult tantrum but handle situations with common sense understanding/seeing and realization.

Common adult emotions include but not limited to: jealousy, anger, envy (which is the negative charge)...resulting in the physical reaction of-screaming, yelling, becoming aggressive, crying, back chatting, inability to communicate without reacting.
And of course to counter the emotions we have the surge of feelings- happy, blissful...(which is the positive charge), and when the "happy", "blissful" charge ends we go right into the negative. And so we go on within our "lives" from positive to negative, negative to positive.
And when we fall into the negative we say "It's not fair".

Study and Investigate Desteni and EQAFE store to reeducate oneself to how to investigate feelings and emotions, how to stop the cycle of polarity and build oneself as a stable human being, because this is how we will truly become responsible and learn how to to what is best for all.

To be continued (taking this point of "it's unfair" to a personal point I need to walk so that I stop my adult tantrum one step at the time).

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