Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 79- "LUCY" Review: Desteni Perspective

I recently watched the movie LUCY and I found it very interesting.  (SPOLER ALERT)

What I found interesting/fascinating is that it gave me a perspective on what we refer to in Desteni terms to be ALIVE (birth into the physical), feel/see/access the physical existence from a dimensional perspective, feel/communicate with each cell in the body as a whole and how to connect within the existence as a whole, look at/feel/access memories as data without the thoughts/emotions/feelings but simply be/live that memory as what it was in that moment it was being created/lived.

In the movie Lucy was able to access more than 10% of her brain due to a drug that entered her body (based on the circumstances on the movie plot). Her body reacted to the drug which was in a huge quantity and opened up her brain access to 20% which allowed her to take control of her body as well as begin to see the physical existence not as a picture presentation in her mind but the actual movement and sound of the physical. As she opened up her brain access to 30%-100% she walked a process of what she called "dehumanizing" because she was not experiencing "human" emotions/thoughts/feelings but was actually beginning to see what really matters in the world and that the world is ALIVE and humans have limited understanding and access to seeing/feeling the physical existence/world. When she reaches 100% she ends up vanishing/merging into LIFE itself.

My interpretation in the movie was that the drug released her mind/filter from limiting her which allowed her access to see the physical expression for what it is. I liked that they referred to the evolution of mankind and that she was able to collect data by going "back in time" to the very first cell that emerged as the expression of life.

It was cool because it gave me a perspective in what we speak of in Desteni and gave a meaning/understanding to me of what it means to be ALIVE as referenced in Desteni. Of course we don't need a drug to open up our brain or vanish into existence- but the base point here is that AS we work on removing the veil of the mind that is limiting us from seeing/living/being one and equal to the physical existence through facing ourselves WE are actually walking a process of "accessing more than 10% of our brains"(movie reference). And that we are actually capable of becoming ALIVE, but it will take a physical process: internal (letting go of the illusion in the mind) and external (creating an environment that is best for all- LIG)

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