Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 87- My Child vs Others (Comparison Self Corrective Application) Part 3

When and if I go into a reaction with my son, I catch myself, I breathe, I look into why I am reacting in this moment within a self reflection because I am aware that the reason for my reaction lays within me and not within my son, I then stop and focus on my son with the starting point of what kind of assistance he needs at the specific moment.

When and if I go into a moment of comparison of my son to other children, I catch myself, I breathe, I stop, I look into what I am comparing, why I am comparing it and where may it have originated within me to become a point of comparison.

I commit myself to come back and reread what I wrote within my SF points in case of self assistance and a reminder what I have walked if I catch myself not being able to stop a reaction or a point of comparison.

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