Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 88- The Dark Mirror (Dream Interpretation)


I was in a room with a dark mirror. It was me yelling at what looked like a mirror but it was not because I could not see my reflection in it and my words were directed towards something or someone else saying YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE, ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE! 

Dream Interpretation:

I know I was talking to myself but it was interesting that I did not see my reflection it was just a very dark glass like a tinted window.

What I can make of this dream is that I tend to be entertaining my mind a lot with Facebook and Youtube (a lot more lately). Like I would just sit and scroll down Facebook notifications and watch whatever pops up on my recommended list on youtube just so that I have something to do. So that is without a specific purpose or self directive principle- it is purely to entertain me- looking for the next “funny” thing that will make me laugh. And on many occasions I will deliberately chose this “activity” to other physical/practical activities in my daily life. Like we can be at the restaurant and I will get bored and pick up my phone to find something funny- almost a way of looking for something to make conversation because I have nothing else to share at that moment. But in the back of my head I say (as common sense/self) “this is not what I should be doing- get to doing the practical things..” But I will ignore this “voice”.

So regarding the dream I think this is me screaming from the "back of my head voice”. It is then represented with a tinted window where I cannot see my reflection= meaning I am not reflecting on myself by ignoring the “voice” of my common sense/self.

Which comes at an interesting timing as the next lesson in DIP has to do with communication- I do think that a lot of my starting point to do this (aside from entertaining my mind) is that I have been having a hard time talking to people in a sharing manner (from a deeper perspective/reflective perspective). That is due to the limitation of me being able to express in conversation with the people I DO have around me (which is not a lot).
From another perspective I can see that doing work all the time and not having this time of expressing entertainment within my daily life (like going out for a cup of tea with a friend/family member for example)....I can feel my deadness (if that is a word)- meaning I am not living- and then my mind searching for virtual/fake entertainment to fulfill this “deadness/emptiness).

So within that dream-”You need to make a choice, only you can decide”= I am telling myself that I can change that from within me so to speak by focusing on process and investigating practical ways to open up the point of sharing communication within me again- because I can tell that I have shut down some time ago, when I was judged and I took it personal (which is my mistake). And I have been having a hard time standing up from this.

I also see that I need to investigate the word/expression of "entertainment" from a different perspective based on what I have to work with within my physical reality.

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