Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 89- The Second Child Decision (Into) Part 1

I'm starting a new series on walking the point of a conflict within me regarding having another child or not. I will be addressing/walking several "pros/cons" sub-points and the emotional attachment that comes with each point- as I stabilize this point within me to make sure I have a practical standing/starting point.
I actually walked this in summer 2014 but it only now that I am ready to post it in my blog. Also as I read some of what I wrote- I still had reactions coming up within me. Thus it was nice to revisit my initial writing and this time stabilize it.

Before my son was conceived my starting point to have a baby was to bring another being into life and teach, show, learn from, care- give an opportunity for the being to become a self realized, self responsible human being that cares about Life/Earth.

With the thoughts of a second baby I got mixed up in the mind, feeling emotions to justify a reason to why I should or should not have a second child. 

Here is a list of the sub-points I will be addressing as I move through my blogging:

1.Experiencing the pain, uncomfortability of the physical process of pregnancy, labor, birth. 
2. Financing another baby.
3. I'm getting old.
4. Child Time vs Personal Time
5. Fatherly duties of my husband.
6. Making my family happy.

If something else pops up on my list I will add accordingly. 

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