Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 96- Living Words (Intro)

I am starting a new series that will do with my process of redefining words. I'm calling Living Words.
This will be done from two different perspectives:
1- Seeing how I want to live specific words
2- Removing my reactions to specific words

What does it mean "living words"? This is something that at Desteni we refer to often and it actually takes some time playing around with words to grasp it.
In my realization a living word is something you want to live by, commit by, practice in your daily living- and it can only become a living word only if it is actually practiced- thus it takes a process of self direction and of investigating what words I want to bring to life for myself.
In the passed I've only looked at certain words that I had reactions to (in my previous blogs I have done a "Redefining Words" Section, such as the word "marriage", but now I am going to expand further into looking at the roots/sound of words and choosing how to practically apply words as living words.
I've written a list of words down to start off with, so as I move on I will be placing in my blog. 

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