Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 97- Living "Time"

This is part of the series Living Words.

I've written about time before- particularly when it comes to time management. My experience with time management is that I find myself overwhelmed with all these things I have to do and THINK I don't have enough time to do them. But it all comes down to how I manage my time of course, so it is not really about ALL those things I have to do but rather how I organize myself/time effectively so that I get to do everything on my list so to speak. Every time my failure is due to “feeling tired”, “I don't know where to start!”, “I'd rather be doing something else”, “I don't feel like doing this right now”. And every time I tend to have a good start and then go right back into the old way of letting my time just go by while I do what I feel like, or avoid doing things I should be doing. I think this fall back occurs because I see my time management (things I need to do) as a chore and my reward is “relaxing” (not doing anything that involves me directing, thinking, moving). So perhaps there is a connection between “chore” and “relax” within my mind as the two opposites of each other. And “relax” is me saying I feel overwhelmed right now so I need to do nothing.

So this leads me into how I want to live the word “Time” and that is with self direction. I want to be able to self direct me in relation to time. I want to spend my time effectively, practically when relaxing and when being active. (relaxing and chores will be words looked at individually as well).
First, I see that there is an energy connection to the word time that I have created within me which is why “time” seems like something that is either dragging or moving too fast depending/ in relation to the task- where thinking about the task and projecting emotions towards a particular task will have the effect of I want to do this now, or I don't want to do this now. And that is silly because in instances where I have just stopped myself from these emotional reactions I would just do the task and actually find something that I can enjoy while doing the task. But if I sit there and I contemplate on the task in relation to time I start to play out scenarios of how I cannot do this task now, or I'll do it later cause now it's not the And other times I anticipate my next task/activity that sounds funner and I will literally sit around doing “nothing” while waiting for the more fun task time to come.
So there is an aspect of slowing myself down, breathing and stopping thoughts that arise to talk me out of managing my time, directing me, moving me.

Here are some ways to sound out the word time.
When playing around/sounding the word “time” I see “I Am Me”, “Tie Me” “Dai Me” (from a Bulgarian perspective this translates to Give Me).

Redefinition: Time- Moments of life that I create/give me/myself in relation to the physical space within existence.

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