Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 100- Living "Conflict"

This is part of the series of Living Words.

A cool hangout to listen to is "Avoiding Conflict"  on the Self and Living Youtube Channel.

This is part of the series Living Words.

My experience with conflict has been to avoid it because it creates an uncomfortable feeling within me, like I am being attacked, taking it personal, making me feel unconfident/fearful within myself because I am not able to communicate, and most of all not trust worthy because for a conflict to arise it means that the other person is not believing me, or is using tactics to bring me down.
Thus I will rather avoid conflict than to enter conflict. I have realized that neither of the two options is assisting (to look for conflict or to avoid conflict) as they are polarities. However we live in a world of conflict simply because we do not understand our minds, emotions/feelings. So it is a process like any other word, situation- thus I don't want to live the word conflict as a reaction which is how I have been living it so far. But I want to be able to face any conflict that may come my way and be a point of a diffusion for the conflict.

To be a point of diffusion of course it takes self trust, stability, confidence and most importantly not playing the game of the conflict through reacting. Thus turning the conflict into a discussion and not an argument.  The best way to not react is to understand where the other person is coming from within their conflict, it is to understand my own way of thinking of where I am coming from, it is to not take things personal but rather explore the physical facts of the situation that is causing the conflict and practice seeing things from a multidimensional perspective.

Some ways to sound out the word conflict:

con (as per dictionary- to persuade someone to do something typically by use of deception)
flick (per urban dictionary- a movie)

conflict- deceiving someone into your movie

Redefinition: Conflict- a point/stance of disagreement with someone or something that is looked at in a form of a discussion leading towards a resolution.

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