Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 101- Living "Vacation"

This is part of the series Living Words.

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I have been very picky about my experiences for "vacations". I think that so far there has been 3 vacation that I have truly planned myself because it only involved me and not other people. And this was more of a retreat vacation than a commercial vacation.
The difference between retreat vacation is going somewhere where the you meet people from different places that join for the same purpose- in my case it was obtain classes for a yoga certification and participated in a few yoga retreats.  A commercial vacation is going to a distance like a resort, cruise where you don't know the natives and you are considered a 100% tourist. And there is actually one other type of vacation- where you visit a friend, relative and you stay with them or near them and they are able to be your guide in a place you are unfamiliar with so you are 50% tourist- especially if that is the county you were born in.
Anyways- I've experienced the three type of vacations and I must say that my preferences have been towards are the retreat vacation or the friend/family one because one can have a better connection with people. Every time I am at a commercial vacation- it's like scratching the surface, and instead of connecting with people or a common purpose (other than escaping your regular days) it really does not feel like a vacation by rather a site seeing for a fraction of a moment- like taking a kodak moment and not really emerging or creating a connection. It is rather dull.

So why do we take vacations/escapes? To change our daily routines, to escape our troubles, to supposedly relax.

So here I want to transcend the word vacation from a starting point of escaping to a starting point of an opportunity to see/explore/learn something new that can enrich my life. I also want to be more active in participating in arranging/picking/suggesting places to visit and within that presenting opportunities/explorations for enriching oneself/myself.

Here are some ways to sound out the word vacation:

vacate ( to leave a place one previously occupied)
vacation sounds like vaccination
vac (as in vaccines) ate (as eat)
vac (as in vaccines) nation (as in different countries)

Redefinition: Vacation- a destination away from my home with the opportunity to see/explore/learn/enjoy something new that can enrich my life.

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