Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 99- Living "Confidence"

This is part of the series Living Words.

So far I've been living the word confidence as a feeling. A feeling of security that I am able to do something, feel comfortable that I know how to do something, feeling comfortable in what I wear. It is as if I need to approve of myself in reflection of the approval of others. That is why I say “I feel confident”, instead of “I am confident”.
The approval of others implies that what/how/why I do something is seen as “normal”, “acceptable”. So within the opposite polarity of confidence- would be feeling unconfident (embarrassed, withdrawn, uncertain of myself).

I want to live confidence as a self expression/movement. That means building/applying confidence through self trust, self certainly that no matter what the situation I can direct myself without having to feel confident or unconfident, but BE confident/direct myself, be stable. It means seeing through my self reflection of what works and what does not work within physical reality/practicality, and always looking at things multidimensional because they are in fact so.
At the end to be confidence really has to do with self-trust and stability.

Some ways to sound out confidence/confident:
confined (as in restricted) dense (as in heavy)
confide (trust) dance (as in movement)

Redefinition: Confidence- the certain presence of one's being/the movement of self expression through self trust in relation to others and the physical environment.

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