Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 104- Living "Chores"

This is part of the series Living Words.

I've written about chores before from a few different perspectives.

Today I am looking at the word chores and how I want to live it. When someone says that something is a chore, it's very sound of the word makes me not to be motivated. My realization is that this seems to be integrated within me because of my experience with chores (on a subconscious level).
Chores=work=work I may not enjoy=I don't want to do it but within the physical reality it needs to be done.
Thus the way I want to live the word chore is not as something that is dreadful, negative in the sense from experience, but I want to transform the word chore to work I enjoy doing because I realize it is part of the physical reality. By definition "chore" is a routine task. It is part of a person's daily routine to make sure that we support ourselves within the physical world. So how can one complain about doing things that are self supportive? Depending on the chore- one will have to see what works best in how the chore is done and how often. Of course it has to fall within the physical time frame that one lives in. So chores can be a life style, apart of the daily routine. Chores can become fun tasks if one puts their attention/awareness into the task.
So I want to do the tasks/chores with self awareness.

Some ways to sound out the word "chore"....hum, I can't come up with any. If you have some comment below.

Redefinition: Chores- shared or not shared daily tasks/responsibilities that I do/perform with enjoyment to support myself and/or others within the physical world/shared environment/community.

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