Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 105- Living "Student"

This is part of the series Living Words.

In life we are both students and teachers because every day we have the opportunity to learn something new as well as to teach someone something we know.
As a teacher I have grown a lot since the beginning of my studies to be a teacher and my practical application. And of course I am still in the process of leaning how to be an effective teacher and to learn I need to be a student and allow either someone else to teach me or learn from walking the process of teaching (self reflection/ self assessment/ seeing, realizing, understanding what it takes to be a teacher).

But when it comes to being a student at school/university I fly through my studies because I tend to get impatient to just get them done. That is how my first college years were. I was unsure of my goals and it felt like I was just wandering around in classes I saw myself with no purpose. That is probably due to the education system as a whole from Pre-k to our college years. Having no goal/purpose in your studies can cause one to not be motivated which we see with students in today's schools/universities. 
When I started my master's degree I saw that I had an actual purpose and I had an effective start to look at the process of my learning- but even though it was more hands on learning- it was still lacking the practical application. Only when I did my student teaching did I get a tiny taste as it was rushed/not long enough to submerge within it and emerge as a beginning teacher.
Recently I found out that I had to take another class to complete my ELL endorsement as well as a Target Language Test. The test is this Saturday. As a student I never enjoyed taking a test. The limit of time I had always felt like I had to rush so that I make sure I compete it all- so there was a lot of memorizing the material instead of actually learning it. Anyways- this is for another topic.
As soon as I found out I had to take another class I started to dislike the requirement as I thought I was finally done with classes (dead lines, endless research papers, writing rules and everything involved with me putting time aside for a class).
The class I need is called Linguistics and Society. It will be a summer class which means it will be more intense as it is taken in a shorter amount of time.
So want to give it another change. Lets see if this time I can focus on the process of this class and not the end result of finishing it. I want to be a student and allow myself to enjoy it. I want to actually see what this class has to offer so I am going to walk into the topic and find how it can be useful to me as a teacher.

Some ways to sound out the word student:
"stud" as a button decoration/support on a wall
Another word for student in other countries is "pupil" which has the same spelling as the pupil in an eye (the black part of your eye that enlarges and shrinks due to light to help you see).
So pupils/students are seers of their environment thus learning that which they see.

Redefinition: Student- a person who is here in a process of learning/ accepting/investigating to stand up as an example/role model based on presented information and practices how to practically apply it.

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