Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 102- Building a Connection With a Bike

Recently my husband and I decided to get bikes for the summer so that we keep active over the summer. Previously my bike shopping experience has been going to Walmart and picking up a bike that I thought I like. I would ride it for a little bit and then would give it up, thus I never committed to it. At first I questioned if I should get a bike or not since in the past I've given up on it or lost interest. So I decided to have a different approach this time and that was starting with the shopping process of a new bike. Well actually my husband pushed on that point.
Today we went into a bike shop (which I did not know This was a smaller shop that is privately owed. My husband took the point of researching a few shops and this is the one he saw a better connection with as far as the people working there. Upon walking in we were greeted and then I went up first to talk to the sales person. The first question he asked me was what bike I was looking for. So I looked at my passed experiences with bikes and said that I needed my bike to be comfortable on the seat because if my seat was not comfy my ride on the bike sucks and I found that this was one point that discouraged me from riding a bike in the passed.
Immediately he was able to present me with a few options. We chatted about the differences between men and women bikes (which is the bar- higher for men, lower for women) and why it was initially designed that way. It hit me right a way that it was because women would wear skirts so they needed the bar lower for their skirt. We laughed how this is not longer relevant but they still make them this way. The way he was talking about the bikes was with passion explaining every detail and how to get the best fit for my height, preferences and so on.
So we finally decided on a bike for me and my husband. When he was ringing us up he added that we actually will have a relationship with his shop at least for the next 15 years (per warranty and general maintenance stuff).
So I realized that this is the missing puzzle piece- having a relationship with my bike and the shop that is going to take care of my bike. When shopping at Walmart it is not "personal" because unless I have been exposed to knowing about bikes, I would not know the first thing to look for in a bike for my best physical fit.
We get our bikes next week and we are to test them first to make sure that what we ordered is the best fit in fact.
This is one example of how a person who is passionate about their job can help you out by using their knowledge and making a connection with the shopper.  It has showed me also that having a bike is so much more than just going and buying one. It is about maintenance, care, use, time, ultimately building a connection/relationship with the bike. And that is how it should be with all things, people, animals because we are always existing in relation to another or something else as part of the whole. Then the experience is pleasant because it is effective within the principle of what is best for all.
Well I still have yet to build a connection with my future bike, but at least step one is done.
Now it is really up to me to self commit to riding the bike regularly. Once I get the bike and start to ride I will update my process of my bike

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