Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 109-Living "Cooking"

This is part of the series Living Words.

I think that I initially built resistances towards cooking because of its gender attachment to “women in the kitchen”. So growing up, especially when I was in a period of gender identification roles (as I took them personally), I refused to learn cooking and never had the interest of learning how to cook. I've also caught myself in thinking into the opposite polarity of a gender role direction, where I see that in Asian cultures the chefs are mostly men.
The other problem I can relate myself to when it comes to cooking is the process of collecting ingredients as I am unfamiliar with different names and measurements, forms the food may come in. Thus cooking is not something that I have enjoyed in my life because I never took the time to look into it and learn more about it and I resisted it from a gender role perspective.
So I realize that cooking has nothing to do with a gender (in reality and in a physical realm) and that the roles attached to cooking are a social issue that I should not take personally but rather focus on the creativity of cooking as an art and expression.

Some ways to sound out the word cooking:
- cooking by definition is preparing food using heat or fire, which is uniquely to humans.
-coo (as in the sound an owl makes) king (owling for the king)
-COO (as in a person who owns a company) king (the King of Cooking)

Redefinition: Cooking- the process of the act/art/expression of combining ingredients together to make a meal that will give my physical body energy/nutrients and keep it healthy/living.

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