Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 108- Living "Influenceable"

This is part of the series Living Words

Throughout my years I have been an easy target to be influenced by others, others' ideas, others' way of thinking. Of course I have my "own" but I see it has been more of a trending thing along with others. Not so much of a behavior thing, but more of mind relation thing. Part of this is that i can identify with a "follower personality". Now, I've also related the word negatively in two ways. One-as someone who cannot think for themselves and follows the influence of others. Two-because of instances where people can be influenced to do bad things so i have that attachment to the word “it is bad to be influenced”. 

I realize for myself that in reality to be influenced does not have to be positive or negative. It is about acceptance and the starting point. So there is nothing wrong with accepting the influence of another however the starting point has to be that of self direction and accepting that which is supportive/effective within principles that are practical.

Some ways to sound out the word influenceable:

in-flu-ability (as “in” not “out”- flu (disease) - ability (to do something))
in-flow-able (going in with the flow) (the ability to take a direction)

Redefinition: Influenceable- the ability to go with the flow within self direction in allowing myself to be influenced by people or things that live by practical living principles and so to take an example of that and see how I can apply it for myself.

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