Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 111- Living "Goal"

This is part of the series Living Words.

I have not been living this word with consistence. I mostly live it in my mind which is not brought to a physical level. I saw goals not as a process but as something that I had to get done ASAP-rushing myself into it and skipping the process. Which is why goals felt dreadful to me- my attention was placed at the end result.
I want to live goals physically. I want to create goals and meet them (of course reasonable goals). I also realize that setting up goals is a process- meaning setting up mini goals towards a bigger goal. I think the best way to create goals is to write them down and see what makes practical sense and then of course the commitment part of the goal. So I want to live the word goal into the physical reality and be self motivated.

Some ways to sound out the word goal:
goal -as in scoring a goal like in soccer
go- to move in a direction
go all- to move in a direction all the way

Redefinition: Goal- a plan that I set for myself to which I commit in following through as in "all the way"/consistently. Goals can be small or big- if small they are stepping stones towards the bigger one. Goal is a direction towards something thus it needs to be laid out because it is the "how" in the direction towards the "what" (which is a process and it is not something that is rushed)

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