Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 114- Living "Self Satisfaction"

I often feel unsatisfied with myself because I feel like I am not doing enough or/and not completing tasks I assign to myself. Instead of empowering myself I victimize and judge myself which is not really a solution. Then to fill in the “void feeling” of feeling unsatisfied with myself I start randomly eating, ignoring myself, feeling frustrated I begin to judge others and how they are accomplishing their decisions. And there is a feeling of “I am wasting my time”.

Some ways to sound out the word self satisfaction.
-satis (meaning enough/sufficient per the latin dictionary) fraction (a particle of a moment/time).
I satisfy myself for a moment/particular time

Redefining Self Satisfaction: enjoying the moment of completion/accomplishment of something I have decided to do because it is enough/sufficient.

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