Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 120- Living "Leadership/Follower"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Being a leader can be seen as polarity to being a follower. Since I can recall I have always been scared to step forward and be noticed, because I don't like the pressure of having the attention or responsibility falling on me. Thus, I always considered myself a follower and this is a very strong characteristic/character that is existent within me and hard to break. Walking the Desteni process I have realized that it is important to be a leader, but not in a polarity of leader/follower, but in the expression of stability and leading my own life in relation to the physical. So I need to build the leadership skill within me- something I am not comfortable with (accepting responsibility for myself within standing and leading a point/self/my life). Now being a follower is not a bad thing-unless it is part of the polarity (leader/follower), just as a leader can be selfish and inconsiderate when part of a polarity. So with being a follower as an expression is to again stand in stability, but allow myself to hear others and accept other's ideas. So a leader and a follower is a “team”, being aware of when to take a lead and when to step back and follow someone else's lead.

Some was to sound out the word leadership:

-lead-a-ship (in charge of the ships-relationships)
-lead rhymes with head
-leaders-hip (hip leaders)

Some ways to sound out the word follower:

-foll-OWER (owning something)

Redefinition: Leadership: A skill of stepping forward with consideration and responsibility towards the physical in creating/manifesting an idea into reality and allowing for others to learn from me so they can apply the same skills for themselves as leaders.

Redefinition: Follower: The skill of stepping back and allowing someone else to lead and learning from their ways (as long as their ways are in consideration and responsibility towards the physical) and applying what I learn so that I can apply leading skills for myself as a leader.

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