Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 121- Living "Self Honesty"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
People are taught that to be honest it means telling the truth either to others or themselves. An example I can give is when I first began walking process with Desteni, honesty to meant that if I don't like to do something and I do it anyways- I was being dishonest with myself or the other. Once I began to walk process and we talked about self honesty, I saw that in reality I had to investigate WHY I did not like something, and HOW through this pattern I was limiting myself for a potential. It was that self honesty where I would look into my patterns, reasons, experiences to why I would not like something (for example) and once I walked a particular point within myself I can say that I have looked at something with self honesty which in terms meant that if I am self honest with myself than I am also self honest with others. So self honesty turned out to be deeper than what I had previously thought.

Some ways to sound out the word honesty:


Redefinition: Honesty: It is where honesty becomes SELF- Honesty, looking into the WHY/WHO and HOW within myself to determine if I am aligned with the physical or not.

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