Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 123- Living "Obedience"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

I have always seen myself as an obedient person (part of my personality design) because I don't like to enter conflicts with others and by doing what I am asked I make people “happy” (meaning they don't start a conflict with me). The consequence of being obedient is that I find it stressful on myself to aways “please” others within their requests and within that consequence comes the second consequence/result- as I don't always agree to be obedient within myself-thus the conflict really exists within me and I suppress it over time- which then results in feeling annoyed with others when they ask me to do something for them. The other perspective I see within being obedient is that I feel like others begin to invade my space because I want to get to things that I have planned for myself and then I get a request to do something for another. The pattern I have noticed here is that because I make “bad” planning for myself when another adds their plan within my plan it feels overwhelming and in terms I get upset within myself for not finishing my plans. So when I am looking a redefining the word “obedience” today I want to remove “obedience” as taking orders from someone and focus on obedience as a skill where I can follow through with directions upon which I have agreed within myself based on assessing the situation and seeing how/if I can assist another within the given time frame. And within that I need to practice better self planning.

Some ways to sound out the word obedience:


Redefinition: Obedience: A skill of following through given directions when I have decided I am able to assist another within a request they have given me. 

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