Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 126- Living "Dependent"

This is part of the series “Living Words"

Being dependence on something/someone can be viewed as a negative aspect because it means that one cannot make a decision or one needs to have an approval from the depended (sort of) to make a decision. Children are depended on parents and as they grow they want to become more independent in their decisions but there is still the aspect of financial dependency which can alter or affect the decisions chosen for them. So within this perspective when one is depended on someone for survival it becomes a vulnerability. But there is also an emotional dependency which is often experienced in relationships and can be “red flag” indicating that the person lacks self empowerment/confidence.
So within these two scenarios of dependency, lets see how I can redefine the word dependent to be of a useful substance and not of abusive charge.

Some ways to sound out the word dependent:

-de-pen-dent (making a dent into something)

Redefinition: Dependent: I think here we need to look at trust and vulnerability as an aspect of being dependent. To be dependent on someone/something is about creating trust, a connection of being open towards another.

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