Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 130- Living "Freedom"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
I think that there are two ways that have been used to define “freedom”. One way is the freeing oneself from being oppressed so through revolution/rebelling. The other way is through being patriotic and defending something you think represents freedom and you would fight to keep it. Obviously both of these definitions are not what the word freedom stands for as both definitions come from the starting point of energy, an illusion that is fed through our minds which we then live out through our physical actions. It is anything but stable. Let's dive deeper and look at this word from a different perspective of how one can live “freedom”. I personally fall into the first way of defining freedom- through rebelling, feeling oppressed which is how I have been in a humble way living this word.

Some ways to sound out the word freedom:

-free-the -dome (as in space/area)
-feed-the dome
-free-dom (standing as dominating)
-flee-dom (as in running away)

Redefinition: Freedom: To live in inner stability and outer equality realizing that we are all interconnected as life and thus practicing freedom as choosing to do that which is best for all. How do you get there? Well that is the Desteni Process which is why I am here redefining these words for myself one step/breath at a time.

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