Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 132- Living "Happiness"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
Something I have come to realize within walking the Desteni Process is that happiness is not a feeling (which would usually be described as feeling “high” inside your body). It is not something that just happens (happiness) to you and cannot be lived thought self interest. And it is also not dependent on material things. So what is happiness then?

Some ways to sound out the word happiness:

-happens (as something happening)
-happy-nest (as a space/home/something of comfort)
-appliness (as applying something)

Redefinition: Happiness: Creating a space of stability and expression to move around in directions that are practical, handling things (problem solving) moment by moment without reactions (feeling and emotions) and the freedom to explore possibilities based on what is here in each moment. It is not like a “child getting candy”, but like a person accomplishing a task because you are proud of yourself.

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