Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 135- Living "Commitment"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
So commitment should be a pretty easy thing however I have found for myself that it is hard to do unless I have an interest in whatever I am committing to. And the interest comes from a curiosity perspective which in itself can be a great spark to want to commit to something, however the spark does not last long and then I would lose interest which would then lead to whatever I was commitment to become boring or a dreading experience. I find it hard to continue and I have to find something interesting around it to make me continue to that which I wanted and was excited to make a commitment. Let's take my yoga experience- at the moment yoga is mostly in my mind and a picture of what I do, when I can do it and so on. When it comes to real life application- it is very difficult to me and I tend to make many subliminal excuses. So I realize that I need to address the word commitment and face resistances I may be experiencing and to come out of the picture in my mind and make whatever I wanted to commit to a reality.

Some ways to sound out commitment:


Redefinition: Commitment: A decision from the starting point of practicality (seeing the practical/assisting side of why I chose to commit to something-not the fed image in my mind), (seeing the practical availability to do something-not playing an image in my mind of what it could be or what I want it to be). Within this decision of practical commitment-taking the idea/picture in my mind and seeing if I can place it into my reality ACTUALY. Once committed to something- first write the commitment and reasons that will stand as my foundation-then to push through the resistances that will arise by going back to the list of reasons for my commitment.

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