Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 137- Living "Moderation"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
I connect the word moderation to the word balance. The phrase I have heard is “Do things in moderation/balance” because if its too much the outcome is not good and if it is too less the outcome is not good. Thus moderating oneself is keeping oneself in balance. Overall I can see how this is valid- if one over drinks water they will not feel good and if they don't drink any water they will not feel good. However, if one moderates drugs it is still not good for their bodies. So with moderation there is an aspect of what is being moderated- not everything can be moderated in what is “best for all” scenario, which is why we first need to select that which serves a purpose of “what is best for all” and then keep it in balance according to the physical environment/reflection/support.

Some ways to sound out the word moderation:

-mode (value on a set of data) -ration (rating, portion)
-moda (trending fashion)

Redefinition: Moderation: Choosing something that is supportive to the physical body/environment and creating a moderation/balance in relation to the physical body/environment.

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