Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 141- Living "Clothes Shopping"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
I think that shopping can be an easy mind possession because our minds are wired to compare, to want something new, to want what's in “style” and so on. I notice that for me shopping has been something I can obsess with when it comes to clothing. If I go to a store to buy something I am easily distracted by the clothes and I feel like I am in a “candy” store- I start to want things I really don't need or I already have in my closet. So when referring to shopping in my writing it is in relation to clothes. I do realize that I am in a way hypnotized by clothing, the style of clothes, colors, patterns, the fashion itself even if it does not come off of me on first sight- so I see this more of internal thing that drives my clothing shopping. So let's remove all the glamor of clothes and make it simple.

Some ways to sound out clothing:
-cloth (as in fabric) -ing (verb for movement)
-clotting (as in blood clots)

Redefinition: Clothes: Fabric that is sown together to compliment the body shape of people with the purpose of covering the body, protecting the body from the environment. The sown fabric itself has different designs depending on the environment and also different expressions depending on people's preferences in relation to their physical body.

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