Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 151- Living "Destiny"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
So this is an interesting word. In the past I used to have a theory that everyone had their destiny written (by the Stars and Universe) and that no matter what choice I pick- it was because that was my destined choice. Within this theory I accepted that I have no choice within actually writing my path in this life and thus no responsibility because "something else wrote it"....
Upon beginning to walk my process with Desteni I learned that in a way people's lives are not too far fetched from my theory- but I also learned that we CAN break our programming if we chose so and that it was about me taking self responsibility for my programming that was the break of the code-so to speak. Thus I made the choice to begin this process from walking from the mind to self awareness and within that choice I made the decision to begin writing my own destiny. And what that means practically is that I accepted to discover who I am within what is being "served to me" by my pre-programmed life path and within that develop self awareness. 
Thus I can say that since starting process with Desteni, my whole definition to the word destiny has changed from something that happens to me to something I make happen.

Some ways to sound out the word destiny:

-des-tiny (something small)

Redefinition: Destiny: The re-creation of myself through the choices/decisions I make based on the opportunities that I see here. Developing self by seeing where I need to change and align myself with the physical/life in that which is best for all. Accepting responsibility for who I am within this life and how I can contribute to Decoding the my mind and expanding self awareness- becoming my upmost potential. Not being limited by my mind/programming.

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