Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 152- Living "Purpose"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
Purpose is associated with destiny because one may think their written destiny is their purpose in life. But when it comes to purpose in life I think that we have in reverse- it is not about a purpose IN life but life OF purpose. It is about living a purpose because life should be a purpose in itself. But since humans are not living in the “here” but living in our minds- purpose in our lives has become something that we are chasing. Thus it is about creating a “life of purpose” and not a “purpose in my life”. So it giving myself the chance to make decisions to live a life full of purpose.

Some ways to sound out purpose:
-propose (put forward/ offer)
-purrrr-pose (kitty purring in a pose)

Redefinition: Purpose: Giving myself the opportunity to LIFE-living purposefully through making decisions with awareness and consideration of my environment and others.

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