Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 159- Living "Friendship"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
Friendship has changed a lot during my years. When I was younger it used to be about connecting to others based on similar interests. I think that is how I formed friendships. Many of those friendships fell apart as we grew older and our interests changed. So this right here should be an indication that friendships were not built based on connecting with human beings but rather what those human beings had to share in similarity to me. Thus obviously I want to live the word friendship by building a connection with other human beings through sharing each other in many dimensions and aspects of my life and not only similarities/experiences that I go through.

Some ways to sound out friendship:

-friend-ship (a ship for a bonding)
-fry-end-ship (fry the ending of a ship)

Redefinition: Friendship: Building a connection with another being/human being in mutual respect and sharing who I am on a being level in a multidimensional ways/aspects. For example, that may include aspects of work,  home living,  environment, relatable process walking and so on. As such when one dimension of the friendship shifts or changes- more dimensions are left to the bonding/connection of the friendship. Furthermore it is about creating new connections within the friendship as the friendship develops/expands over time- this not leaving room for the friendship to fall apart.

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