Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 161- Living "Character/Personality"

This is part of the series “Living Words"
Awhile ago I was writing a series on different characters/personalities I have noticed about myself in relation to the mind coming forward. Thus, starting to act a certain way depending on a situation and letting the character/personality define who I am in the situation or even the other way around- letting the situation define who I am and the character/personality that I have allowed to exist within me to become me.
So how can I look at character in a different perspective?

Some ways to sound out the word character/personality:


Redefinition: Character/Personality: A role I choose to play/be/”wear” in relation to my environment/situation, knowing that the character/personality does not define who I am but rather it is self expressed with self awareness. A question in relation to this would be: “Am I moving myself? OR “Is the character/personality moving me and defining what I do? So i think of it as a "clothing" that I can chose to put on in relation to an environment or situation- thus the "clothing" does not define me but I can express myself with the clothing. 

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