Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 163- The Mirror of Self/Dis/Honesty

I recently looked at the 4 words:

Self Dishonesty
Self Honesty

In order to identify moments where I am aware of those 4 words in my life I made a quick perspective definitions. I actually have redefined the words- self honesty/honesty in one of my living word definitions however looking at the 4 words together I was able to get a closer definition for myself.

So here it goes:
Dishonesty: Lying to someone, hiding something from someone, pretending to be something or someone towards another in justification that I have a right to do so.

Self Dishonesty: Refusing to recognize that what I am doing and how I am acting is in fact not in consideration or alignment with the reality. In doing so I am lying, hiding to myself and justifying my lying/hiding.

Honesty: Saying the truth about my feelings, my opinions, my judgments to someone in justification that I have a right to do so.

Self Honesty: Looking into my actions and deeds and recognizing where I am lying to myself and allowing myself to become vulnerable in that moment to look pass my mind that is looking for a justification to why I have the right to hold on my self dishonesty.

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