Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 167- Living Words- Self Motivation

This is part of the series “Living Words"

When it comes to motivation I am not very motivated for a lot of thing. Most of my life I have spent with “going with the flow” which at one point I used to think it was the way of life. But walking with Deteni, I have come to realize that motivation is something that needs to come from within as self expression- not for manipulative reasons. So riding on the “going with the flow” wave is only 50% of using what is here physically in my reality- the other 50% is how I direct myself in relation to what is here. So the self direction is the actual motivation (self motivation if you will). The self motivation starting point is the decision of how to move myself with what is here in my reality and what I can do and create.

Some ways to sound out the word motivation:

-motive-action (as in give myself a motive)

Redefinition: Self Motivation: The motive is a movement- to be self motivated means to move myself using what is here in the physical.

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