Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 170- Living "Gratitude/Grateful"

I have been watching one of my friend's on Facebook gratitude videos and am inspired to do so myself.
I have been observing how "life" in the current human created dysfunctional system can become pretty depressing and suppressing in different degrees for people in general.  So as my starting point, I want to focus on appreciating and being grateful for the small things in my life that add up to the whole picture while living in a depressing/suppressing system. It is to refocus all the energy/time used to self sabotage me in the current system by feeling sorry and depressed and how "sad"/"bad" "life" can be- INTO seeing what is here that I have from the perspective of LIFE in the physical and to be aware of it and be grateful for the opportunity/potentials of it.
I am not saying to ignore or suppress the created reality of depression/suppression but rather focus on being aware of the LIFE force that is here that provides the life for us to exist in the physical and let this be a motivation to enjoy life (while living in the current system) rather than live like a zombie everyday slowly dying from depression and suppression.

Ways to sound out gratitude/grateful
-great attitude
-great full
-grade full
-grad (city in Bulgarian) full

REDEFINITION of Gratitude/Grateful: Allowing myself to notice the small things in my life that add up to the whole picture= my life, and within this allowance to be grateful for what is here in my life and show my appreciation towards it by being aware of it and enjoy it.

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